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Spin 103.8 Sandstorm May 9th- The Ultimate 10k Obstacle Race!

So Spin 103.8 called me this week to see if I had any advice to give anyone taking part in this year’s epic Sandstorm 10k 2015.

Due to a phenomenal response at last year’s event, the crazy crew decided to run another event on Dollymount Strand for any fitness and health fanatics out there!

Now, the training program for this kind of event is entirely different to the run-up to a typical 10 k as there is no runner’s flow that comes naturally in your average road race. This is dynamic, stop-start, jump, crawl and keep going even when you are absolutely knackered! Sounds like your cup of tea? It might very well be, particularly if you’re anything like me and are not the biggest fan of running but do love strength and circuit training such as burpees, squats, push-ups and other ‘lovely’ body weight exercises.

This is tough, challenging, fun and an absolute hoot!

I spoke to Spin 103.8 yesterday about how best to prepare for the big day and you can listen to my ramblings here!

Oh and you can register here: http://www.fitmagazine.ie/events/race/spin-1038s-sandstorm-2015



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