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Sports Luxe in Ireland- full of Grace & Aibell

I had the pleasure of bumping into the lovely Claire from Grace & Aibell fame at this year’s Irish blogger’s Conference. We got talking- me not knowing who she was- about luxury gym gear and how hard it was to find good quality gym gear here on our little island.

Couple that with being a short-arse at the best of times, and finally someone understood fully 🙂

She gave me her card and  I kind of forgot about them- until pay day that is- haha…Quite literally I had my wallet in my hand at lunch time a few weeks ago paying for something in M&S and her card fell out…so it was pay day and in my books, that meant fate.

On top of that, the first thing I noticed was FREE delivery- the magic words every girl wants to hear! So I browsed and browsed and realised I wanted something a little different.

I went for a pair of Turquoise Capri’s and a grey kind of charcoal bra top with a lovely criss-cross back on it. They are a yoga brand from the Czech Republic and are an independent label, meaning you’re not going to see them on loads of other people in your local gym. They are perfect for bikram, but that’s not why I got them exactly. I have been DYING to do headstands for ages and wanted something comfy and not overtly lined that I felt comfy but not restricted in- Obviously when you buy online, you run the risk of hating the fabric but wow, it’s so so soft and silky I almost feel guilty wearing them 🙂

Grace & Aibell

Actually after I bought them online, I realised that the brand itself actually sponsor the World Pole Fitness champions- who just happen to be Irish- so any dancers out there, take note!

Like a recent review I did for Skins, I am ALL about the fabric. This is a technical fabric, with moisture wicking, anti-bacterial technology, anti-pilling too- which is good to know as they are quite durable even though they are so silky and light- honestly it’s like that feeling when you shave your legs and slip into fresh sheets (aaaaaah…)

The fabric is light, mind you I haven’t squatted much in them and have moreso used them for lighter routines but I emailed the crew and the reassured me they pass the squat test too!

Just a little  (not negative but realistic!) point to make, the colour that I chose means you can see black undies through them but anything lighter was fine- just to note! In the same way as if you were wearing a black bra under a white top- so just take note! They do come in 8 colours though so no worries 🙂

One particular thing to note is that if you do practice yoga, these don’t bunch up and look all saggy and rotten- apparently they just sit there- sooooo I decided the best thing to do would be to finish this review after giving them the ultimate summer test and use them in a sweaty gym on my hols in Croatia- whoop!

2  birds one stone and a real test- plus the colours will be AMAZING with a tan 🙂

Watch this VERY sweaty space…


So back from my holliers and this gym gear gets a big fat YES from me for sweating it out in the sunshine and in the gym!

grace and aibel 1 grace and aibel 2 grace and aibel 3

They passed the HIIT test and the squat test though I would not recommend them for crossfitters who use a lot of bars or who are dragging the bar on their quads for any olympic lifting as it will pill eventually as they are definitely more suitable for yoga or lighter training.  So comfy, so incredibly flattering and with a tan, you feel like you are glowing 🙂

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