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Starting a New Year and a New YOU

So how do we all get motivated for the new year. At the end of the day, it is literally, just another day. It’s mindset mixed with hallmark holiday that typically lead us to believe that we ‘need’ to change for the new year.

For me, changing habits and staying motivated and maintaining a certain size or healthy shape depends on smaller milestones- as opposed to faraway goals. You see, we are all so so different and I find that personally, if I only focus on the few weeks ahead of me, rather than a year away, I’m much better at being consistent. I also find checking in with my trainer every few weeks really keeps me more disciplined too.


It’s funny, you know, the amount of people who think that fitness and health is just a craze or a phase. My body has changed so much over the past few years. I’m 33 in December and feel like I’m in better shape than ever and with better energy, but I cannot eat the same foods or the same amounts I used to. Forget it. I see the marks of my boldness the next day, when years ago I’d be fine or the same even after a few days’ debaucherie. Oh ageing.


But that aside, I have put together a few tips that, really, I’d recommend you to start keeping in mind right now, if not just before Christmas and the New Year, so like me, you can treat New Year as just any other day 🙂 No pressure, in your own time and when you feel ready...

1. Drink water- at least 2l of the stuff each day and more if you drink lots of tea and coffee as they can leave you dehydrated.

2. Eat smaller meals and often AND track everything that you eat and drink. This is crucial to ensure you are eating enough for you to perform at your very best.

3. Track your vitamins and minerals and supplement regardless. We live stressful, busy lives and we eat so many processed foods every day. Yes our own bodies naturally detox themselves, but none of us get the required amount of vitamins and minerals each day. It’s near impossible.

4. Cut out or cut back on alcohol. You will look, feel and smell better. Your skin will look better, your hormonal balance will begin to normalise and you won’t have as many issues with cravings or blood sugar issues.

5. Eat enough protein. Think 1.2 – 1.5 grams per pound of body weight (2.6 – 3.3 g/kg BW) per day.

6. Eat your greens- and keep them varied- kale, spinach, brocolli, courgette, etc…Try supplementing with a good quality powdered greens too.

7. Keep an eye on your snacking habits. These can sneak back in very sneakily altogether. Try keeping almonds, yoghurt, a protein shake or a piece of fruit in your bag at all times. It does work.

8. Cut back on the lattes and cappuccinos. They are unnecessary calories which are much better ‘spent’ on real food. you’ll be less likely to want sugar too. Try a white americano as a good alternative- and about 150 calories less than your latte!

9. So although your calorie intake isn’t the most important aspect of health by any means, it does become an issue as you get older. Regardless of your age, try and eat good, clean food, and avoid any unnecessary processed foods. Speak to a dietician or nutritionist about what your caloric intake and macro intake should be.

10. Get your bloods and any other tests done as often as required. Eye-tests, smear tests, STI tests, heart monitors, blood sugar counts, mole checks, breast checks, general check-ups; you name it, just get it checked.

You see, why not start these before the new year kicks on, giving yourself time to normalise these into your every day routine. You’ll look back on 2017 as your best year yet.

Go on. I dare you.


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