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Meal prep and clean eating made simple

Are you looking for an easier way to start on your clean-eating path?

Are you looking for an easier way to start your meal prep without giving it too much thought or obsessing over calories?


I wrote my first E-Book for these very reasons. I was learning about starting into a cleaner eating lifestyle and was so bored by chicken fillets and brocolli and the likes.

I began researching recipes, modifying them with nutritious food I love to make it even more worth your while to make- and focused on healthier versions of the foods we love and don’t want to give up!

My first e-book is called Clean Cheats and Healthy Snacks and you can buy it here.


My second e-book is called Simply Healthier Recipes and you can buy it here.


Both are about the price of one cocktail – or if like me you live in Dublin, make that half a cocktail- and are available for immediate download. Looking for excuses NOT to get started?

You won’t find them here 🙂



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