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The future of workplace wellness

We spend over a third of our lives at work so it’s not any surprise that mainstream corporates are beginning to finally get up to speed with the importance and value placed on workplace wellness for their employees, not to mention the impact on their business performance, productivity and reduction in sickness/absenteeism when in a more positive mindset.

A huge shift in interest in the health of employees across Ireland has been prioritised by the Irish Government through the development of the Healthy Workplace Framework and the  Healthy Ireland Network.


In 2017, the Government also launched the Work Positive initiative to help businesses improve their employee wellbeing by making information and resources on workplace stress and employee wellness more readily available to companies across the country.

Within a more competitive recruitment environment, companies are realising that attracting and maintaining top talent requires an attractive package and that potential employees have upped the stakes in terms of their demands for wellbeing, health…and overall happiness in their work environments.

From a more ergonomic work space to better use of natural light, flexible working hours to the encouragement of taking regular breaks, employers are shifting their focus from the old adage of car benefits or expenses and are looking to tackle happiness as a key enabler to recruit and attract, motivate and retain employees. It’s not all fancy breakout spaces and pilates at lunch-time however, employees need to feel that the shift-change is one of integrity, and that the willingness to improve employee satisfaction is part of the company core values.

Strong leadership is key to implementing a real step change in company values. A dedicated wellbeing team is often required to enable, facilitate and champion new initiatives and to help spread awareness and cascade the message to employees at all levels across the organisation. It also offers support to HR and stems from a cultural value as opposed to being part of a recruitment drive.

How does your organisation manage wellness and health- I’m curious! 🙂

I’m studying a PgDIP in Health Promotion in Corporate Wellness in NUIG  come September so really keen to learn more about this  interesting area!

Happy employees are more productive employees- would be keen to understand the impact any new initiatives have had on your business or performance of your emploees??



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