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Tired of being tired of being tired?

We’ve all been there lads.

Can’t sleep. Won’t sleep. So much so, that it begins to affect our sleep patterns even more.

SO what can you do, you ask?

Well there are a few basics that, most likely, sound very very obvious, but nevertheless, let’s give them a try, and indeed, a mention.

sleeping like a baby

Below you have some tips on how to improve your sleep:

1. No blue lights after 9pm- the awful glaring lights from your TV, mobile or beside clock affects your natural ability to sleep. Power off by 9pm and leave your phone in another room if you can.

2. Try leaving out any power naps or midday rests- you need to be winding down at night time properly to restore your natural cycle.

3. Change your sheets each week- Think of that moment you change your sheets, shave your legs and slip into soft pj’s. Yeah. Give that a go more often. Simples.

4. Save your bedroom for sleep and sex (if you’re lucky enough!)- no work, no TV, no laptops and limit reading too. Bedtime needs a routine, just like a toddler, so make sure you prioritise yours.

5. Get in charge of your body clock- so even at weekends, try your best to go to bed and wake up at the same-ish time! When it’s darker outside try and make sure to see some light within 5 minutes of waking to properly get your body going!

6. Avoid excess caffeine- yes, probably the last thing you want to hear, but by overloading on caffeine with an already disrupted sleep pattern, your body will be a nervous wreck!

7. Exercise regularly- but avoid training too close to bed-time as some people find it harder to sleep with that post-workout burst or buzz of energy!

8. Take magnesium- a natural muscle relaxant, magnesium will help your whole body relax and rest more easily.

9. Avoid eating too much, too late at night. Keep your meals light and allow yourself a good hour before bed to digest before lying down, if possible.

10. Avoid drinking too much before bed- the two hours before you to bed, your bladder will fill up if you drink too many liquids before you hit the hay. Try and avoid drinking too many liquids or you’ll wake up naturally needing to use the loo! Also avoid alcohol if your sleep is disturbed. While it may make you feel sleepy, the sugar content may also cause you to stir and twitch or wake up completely in the middle of the night.


Conscious that quite a few of my followers have young kids and families, so the aforementioned tips might not always be so simple in practice. However, if you can start to implement similar tips for your children, where relevant, it’s amazing the calming effect that the run-up to bedtime will have on the whole house!

Night night…

Sleep tight…




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