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Vita Liberata – How to cheat healthy glowing skin!

So I bought a few goodies for myself a few weeks ago from Vita Liberata as I have used their facial gradual tanner so wanted to stock up on both a gradual facial tanner and a gradual body tanner.


As I’m in the gym three times a week and do my own stuff at home, I’m not a huge makeup junkie. I’m super plain when it comes to my face and prefer a ‘done’ but more natural look, unless I’m going to something like a big girl’s night out or a hen party or a wedding, I do try to put in a little more effort then. Which is why I like to go for a softer look with gradual tan for regular days too and a spray tan for special events.

photo 1(87)The more I learn an read about our bodies, nutrition, exercise and health, the more I realise that everything we consume, from protein shakes or a salad to cleaning products, perfume and skincare, we are absorbing a serious amount of chemicals which are not otherwise present in our bodies.

Although our bodies are well equipped in processing and filtering out what we don’t need, we must learn more about what exactly it means to apply layers and layers of fake tan and actually how it might affect our long term health too.

photo 2(102)

I’ve always worn tan, not very dark though (well if you discount my late teens EEK!), and mostly I go for gradual tanners just to have a year round glow more than anything, but there really is something unique about Vita Liberata.

Firstly there is no horrible fake tan smell- Yes it does smell a little like tan, but not at all like it’s burned biscuit counterparts. It also doesn’t turn your clothes a horrible shade of green, again like some more well known brands. And most importantly, apart from giving you a nice healthy glow, it also has loads of vitamins for your skin and keeps it soft and supple- unlike most other tans I’ve used which dry out my skin completely!

My regime now includes two tanning staples. Firstly, every second day, in place of my night cream I use the Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask, which is basically like a really rich drink for your skin, and you wake up with a lovely subtle glow too- win win! Better still, and I won’t go into the science bit, but it also acts as an anti-ageing cream too, softening any fine lines or wrinkles. You can buy it for 37.50 here but it lasts AGES. You only need a teeny bit as it spreads really well.

L_NIGHT_MASKOn my body I use the gradual tanner Untinted Self Tan Lotion in warm. It’s nice and light and perfect for Irish tan, but I do get a darker one in the summer to prolong my tan 🙂 You can buy this here for just 20.

vita liberata gradual tanBut perhaps my favourite of all is the brand spanking new Tristal Minerals. This is a really clever bronzer meets gradual facial tanner. It seemed a bit scary at first but you basically just brush it on and the contoured tan lasts for up to 5 days. Full directions come in the box and it also comes with a fabulously soft brush for perfect application too. Do follow the instructions and you’ll be fine! You can buy this here for 39.95.

L_TRYSTAL2Although some avid tanners might find this expensive price-wise, I tell myself it’s better to invest in something a little cleaner for your body and I am just tired of foul-smelling tans to be honest. On top of that, if you sign up for the Vita Liberata newsletters they run amazing flash sales every now and again so you can stock up for less!

photo 1(87) photo 3(95)

The products above are my staples but if i’m going on holiday I also add in an exfoliator and a body moisturiser so my tan doesn’t fade in patches, which is key!

Have any of you tried these products? How did you find them?



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