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Vitamins, minerals and supplementing my diet

I get so so SO many emails and messages about this so I decided to write a little post to explain.

Firstly, I am not a qualified Nutritionist so please, please, please do not take my tips as medical advice or professional recommendations. I am simply studying Nutrition and learning about my own body and journey for the mean time.

There are always general guidelines you can follow to feel instantly better but for this post, keep in mind that this plan works for me but it may not be suitable for everyone.

I take supplements- I take lots of different brands, I’m not sponsored by one particular brand and I’m not paid to endorse one particular brand. Even when I am sent products I only write about the ones I actually endorse and even then I will give the downsides if there are any.

Recently, I was sent some samples of two products which I have grown to love. One is called Mastermind, by a company called Revive. This is a concentrated natural formula that dissolves in water and is very tasty actually. It aids mental performance, brain and cognitive function. It contains lots of b-vitamins, choline and uridine, DHA and Zinc. This is made in Ireland and you can pick this up at any Lloyd’s Pharmacy.


I also tried out a product called Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic. To be honest, I was sceptical about these two products at first and asked for a full month to review them as I wanted to see if I really felt a difference. I genuinely did. My energy levels improved. I kicked a cold’s ass when it tried to take over. I recovered much better at the gym and even my holiday hangover wasn’t as miserable! this second supplement is marine based and focuses on fortifying your cells, tissues and organs. Both are amazing at this time of year particularly if you are heading off on holidays. They both help combat stress and fatigue and support your immune system helping you work at your optimum. Again you can pick this up at any Lloyd’s pharmacy. Both are to be taken on an empty stomach before eating in the morning.

After the two supplements above, and alternating with Infinity Fuel from The Edge: Clontarf, I start my day with eggs, green tea and maybe some salad. I take two fish oils, a multivitamin, a b-complex and some chewable vitamin d, particular on cloudier days.


When I train, roughly 30 minutes before I hit the gym, I either take Aminos from The Edge: Clontarf or from Optimum Nutrition. If they aren’t available or I’m fresh out, I grad a carton of Vita-Coco coconut water as I find it great pre-workout for my energy levels.


During the day I always carry protein with me. I usually pick this up from Discount Supplements. My job is mainly office based but I work on video shoots all over Dublin and sometimes outside Dublin too so find it handy to always carry some healthier alternatives to snacks on the go. Rather than stopping in a petrol station! I find Fulfill bars great in terms of macros but really you should try to get your vitamins and minerals from real food in so far as possible.


Mid way through the month for a few days I take some probiotics and again towards the end of my cycle as I find this keeps my tummy healthy and less bloated.

With my dinner I take fish oils again and  I after dinner, about 45 mins or an hour before bed I take a few magnesium. I also take some casein if my protein levels are lower on that particular day.


I try to change my multivitamin between The Edge: Clontarf’s own brand, the Hair Skin and Nails from Holland & Barrett and the ladies Optimum Nutrition own brand. Keep your body guessing and mix up your food and exercise too.

Keep it interesting and remember to drink lots of water. My downfall is coffee- On work days I’d easily guzzle two large americanos which on non-training days is far from ideal. It’s actually the maximum recommended caffeine intake- eek. Am working on this though 🙁 Also, I forgot to mention, on sunnier days, I always carry electrolytes called Nuum. I get these bad boys in Bodyfirst or Holland & Barrett.

If you have any recommendations on similar options to the above, please feel free to message me with any tips as I love trying out new brands and seeing what works for me 🙂

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