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What to wear to the gym!? Help!

nike sports bra for gym

Who says you can’t play dress up at the gym?

Like most gym bunnies, I probably have more gym clothes than regular clothes in my wardrobe eek!

When I’m buying gym gear, I tend to stick to colours that match each other so I can swap around different pieces. I find slightly high waisted fits for running tights are great for lifting weights or HIIT training as your top might ride up and show too much if you are squatting or jumping around so you want to be as comfortable as possible!

I tend to go for tight running tights- mostly Nike with zippered bottoms and a regular vest with a good sports bra!

nike gym gearTreat yourself to one good piece at a time and you’ll feel much more confident at the gym- that’s my advice! For anyone who is self-conscious about their size when they are joining the gym, the more comfortable you are in what you are wearing, the better you will feel, just like when you wear your favourite dress for a night out.

If you have a larger chest, invest in a good quality sports bra and ask for help when being fitted!Actually, you should ask for help either way. I tend to wear two bras if I’m doing HIIT on a given day- just depends what kind of gym top I’m wearing I guess!

Anyways, I find H&M actually have quite a good range of gym gear as do Forever 21, but my ultimate favourite is Nike online.

God help me on pay day 😉

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