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Weekend Circuit at The Edge: Clontarf

So I gave blood for the first time this weekend and am really feeling  a little light-header and not my full self since then. My blood count was totally fine to give blood but it really affected me more than I thought I would. that being said, I’d happily do it again once given the all-clear as there is such a shortage of blood for those who need it most, particularly at this time of the year when donations are much lower.

With this in mind, I went for a lighter circuit which is perfect for those days where you feel 75% and nothing will change that feeling! Still a little movement to get the oxygen flowing was actually just what the doctor ordered! Feeling much better since then 🙂


Here what this morning looked like for me:

4 x min steady state cardio to warm up

Stretch and foam roll for 10 mins

Glute Bridges x 15 (with 2 sec pause at top)

Bent over rows x 15 (with 8kg dumb bells)

Kettlebell sumo squats x 20 (with 16kg kettlebell)

Kettlebell pull-ups x 15 (with 12kg kettlebell)

Wall-sit x 1 min (with 15kg weight)

Leg Raises x 15

Plank x 1 min

(Repeat x 5 with 45 secs rest in between)

Give this a go and let me know how you get on!


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