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What to eat Pre and Post Workout

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Studies show that eating complex carbs in your meal BEFORE you work out will actually greatly effect your release of serotonin in the brain, which causes less focus and drive to get you through the work out. Try to keep your carb intake to less than 15g in this meal. Instead go for a high protein meal with healthy fats and plenty of veggies. Think an omelette made with coconut oil, with avocado and asparagus on the side.


Your body needs some kind of simple fast-digesting sugars immediately post workout along with a large amount of protein. Try having a protein shake immediately after your work out, then about an hour to an hour and a half later, have your food meal, such as chicken with broccoli stir-fried in olive oil, garnished with salt and pepper and a little chilli to boost your metabolism. Your post workout shake is required to firstly replenish your glycogen stores in the muscles to recover energy, and secondly to break down the protein into amino acids that help recover your muscles. If the sugars aren’t consumed, your body will convert protein into the energy it needs – and that’s the last thing you want!

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