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What’s inside my gym bag?

Gym in Monart Spa Resport

haha- it’s funny how many people have asked me what kind of things are in my gym bag, whether I wear make-up at the gym and what kind of bits and pieces I’m usually carrying in my bag!


So here goes 🙂

gym bunny gym bagTypically I carry a colourful bag- I am seriously coveting this eye-catcher from Nike so might have to treat myself soon 🙂 I wear a lot of black and fluoro so it should match pretty well! I wash all my gear at 30 degrees as soon after training as possible and find I keep everything really well! Also, as a word of warning, most gym gear is spoiled by adding fabric softener- and it actually makes it smell funny as I think it must do something chemically to any treated gym gear. SO you’ve been warned!

gym bunny gym gear

Inside my bag, I always carry a big bright bottle of water and try to keep as hydrated as possible. I always have some kind of nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts- great for selenium- and a protein bar or a little sachet of protein in case I find myself stuck! For anyone that’s been following my musings for a while, you’ll know that I’m rarely without food either – but I carry a lunchbox with some version of a chicken or turkey burger or salad with spinach, brown rice, pomegranates, carrot etc…

bottle of water

meal prep #2

I also leave an extra pair of everything in my gear bag, in case I’m training the next day or if it’s cold when I arrive to the gym! Layering is a girls best friend especially if your gym session doesn’t involve any jumping around, you can often spend half the class a little cold…

Gym in Monart Spa Resport

Of course there are always the few staples- wallet, keys, change, lip balm, hand cream (my hands are calloused from lifting-eek!) and -yikes- a makeup bag!

Yes- I admit that I wear bb cream and whatever mascara or eye make-up still remains from the day. Some people are very black and white about wearing makeup at the gym. Personally, I think it’s personal. Meaning, it’s entirely up to the person it affects. I feel more comfortable wearing a little coverage wherever I go- it’s for me- nobody else- and I don’t promote the use of makeup or feel that others should or shouldn’t wear it. It’s entirely up to the individual. That being said, I wouldn’t arrive in wearing a full face either!


I just touch up and off I go 🙂

gym bunny profile


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