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Jade Wilson, Before and After

For years I’ve been a big yo yo dieter, I’ve done all the fads some for weeks and some for months but nothing was sustainable for me and each time I just put on more weight after I went back to eating ‘normally’. Back in November I decided I needed a big change, a permanent, sustainable change in my lifestyle.

So I did what I knew best and I started to cut calories, but it just wasn’t right for me and I had heard about Flexible Dieting – If It Fits Your Macros(IIFYM) – through social media and I start to read up on it. You can pretty much eat anything (yes anything) once it fits your goal macronutrients, fibre and micronutrients every day.

So I bought a food scale, I downloaded My Fitness Pal (an app that helps you track your macronutrient intake) and off I went. Doing home weights and a lot of cardio coming up to my 21st party in mid March I wanted to feel and  look good. (First pic on right)

Jade RIght 1

After my party I binged for a day or two and then I felt a bit lost. I still wasn’t counting my macros but with my training I knew I needed a proper gym with a weight based program. I know from personal experience heavy weights are hands down the best way for girls to drop fat and, well, who doesn’t want a good bum haha!

So I joined my local gym an got my program started. As I said at the start I was an extreme yo yo dieter, the photo here was taken about 3 years ago and I’ve been about ten different sizes twice over since then.

In this photo I was a UK size 16 to 18 and I vividly remember this night the usually story, sobbing two hours before I go out that I had no clothes that fit so my Ma would run to the nearest shopping centre to pick me up something but I was still so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t take my jacket off.

Jade 2 b

This photo on the right was yesterday morning, currently at a small UK size 8, lifting 6 days a week, minimal cardio (about 4x 15 minutes a week), flexible dieting and genuinely happy. My body is still changing every day and I’m striving for progress now, not perfection. I don’t go by scales, only body fat % check ups every month and photos are great- just a little reminder of why I put the effort in every day…

Jade xx

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